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Special Prayer Request

Pray for Sister McRittgers

Woman in burkaSome of you are aware that one of our own, someone we’ll designate as “Sister McRittgers,” has once again departed for the 10/40 Window. She will be tent-making while she lives with a local Muslim family, working on her language skills and absorbing more of the culture.

How can you pray? Petition for:

  • Traveling mercies while in transit and protection in a foreign country
  • A real joining of hearts with her host family
  • Facility in learning the language and wisdom in perceiving and adapting to the culture
  • Sensitivity to the leading of the Holy Spirit as she seeks to minister to her host family and her new friends.

If you can imagine how much prayer support you would like in a similar circumstance, then you know how much your faithful prayer support will mean to Sister McRittgers.

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