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Seeing Double!

The Bagby Twins

The Bagby Twins, David and Kirk (or is it Kirk and David?)

Along with our holiness heritage, our IHA youth are probably our greatest resource.  For those of you who missed it, Kentucky Mountain Bible College (KMPC) featured two of its first-year students, David and Kirk Bagby, on their website.  No doubt you've seen them at camp each year, and it would be a set of unusual circumstances that would keep them from coming this year as well.

For the full KMPC story on the Brothers Bagby, click this link to the KMPC website feature article.

Watch our website because, as the song says, “soon and very soon” more information about this year's youth activities will be posted, with all the necessary information and forms.  (There might even be prizes for whoever can tell David and Kirk apart 100% of the time!)

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