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May Spiritual Weather Bureau

Isaiah Reid

Cover of Isaiah Reid's 1886 'Day By Day' spiritual almanac

Note these signs of unpleasant weather:

  • No time for family worship
  • Too tired to go to prayer meeting
  • Plenty of time for the daily papers or a story and but little for the Bible
  • Plenty of talk about almost everything but religion
  • A disposition to find fault
  • Defending yourself
  • Lack of interest and effort in definite soul saving, but ever zealous in “church” work, such as any unsaved person might do
  • Complaining of “so many calls”
  • No interest in holiness literature
  • Inability to do much in revival meetings
  • No religion “to speak of.”

[Taken from Day by Day, The Highway Almanac and Diary for 1886,
the “almanac” (and Bible-reading plan)
published by Reid’s The Highway Office, Nevada, Iowa]

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