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June Spiritual Weather Bureau

Isaiah Reid

Cover of Isaiah Reid's 1886 'Day By Day' spiritual almanac
  • The soul gets sick and has numerous diseases. Each disease has its symptoms and takes on its special external manifestation of spiritual weather.
  • Fear betokens an unsettled account.
  • Hankering after the fashions denotes a heart with a big corner in it reserved for the world.
  • Love of fancy dress means pride and lack of internal, soul dress, which in the sight of heaven is of great price.
  • Unholy anger waves a signal flag of the temporary victory of indwelling sin.
  • A gossiping tongue betokens a heart where Christ is not welcome.
  • A smiling cheery face for a church sociable and a graveyard visage for the prayer-meeting, a soul not in communion with God.
  • “Sinning every day in thought, word and deed” proves up the claim of an unsanctified nature.
  • Pray out of the shadow into sunlight.

[Taken from Day by Day, The Highway Almanac and Diary for 1886,
the “almanac” (and Bible-reading plan)
published by Reid’s The Highway Office, Nevada, Iowa]

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