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July Spiritual Weather Bureau

Isaiah Reid

Cover of Isaiah Reid's 1886 'Day By Day' spiritual almanac
  • Atmospheres have much to do with health, and spiritual health and sunshine have much to do with good living. Dirt is a destroyer of pure air. Keep clean.
  • Tobacco is vile in all forms, so avoid it.
  • The average story paper and many of the novels, fester with moral poison; relegate them to the devil’s headquarters at once; if they stay in your house, so does he.
  • The usual party, ballroom, rink, parlor theatricals, and (too often) the church frolics of various kinds, are rank with malaria which is deadly in its influence on the family altar, the prayer-meeting, the Sabbath School, the church service and close communion with God in general.
  • This month the unwary and presumptuous, and those who will not be taught, are in great danger from traveling shows, circuses, Fourth of July’s, and such like, where the devil runs his harvester with great profit. “Flee these things.” Harvest weather sometimes has a bad effect on family altars.
  • Look out for the “sleepy devil” at the church these long hot days.

the “almanac” (and Bible-reading plan)
published by Reid’s The Highway Office, Nevada, Iowa]

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