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Further Progress

Continuing to Build the Site

Like the rebuilding of Jerusalem under Nehemiah, the “walls” of our newly designed website keep rising higher out of the rubble.  The newest features added include:

  • Our IHA history page has been re-introduced and updated.
  • With a strong assist from Tori Rittgers, we now have a much-improved Facebook badge.
  • Speaking of Tori, she now has her own editing account on the site, which will allow her to add all the necessary youth-related news, notices, and forms for download.  (She gave me a peek at the new 2012 Youth Camp brochure.  It's very well done.  Expect to see it online soon!)
  • Instant links have been added to share IHA blog posts and pages via Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, LinkedIn, Yahoo! bookmarks, and good ol' fashioned e-mail.
  • Our new voice-mail line — (515) 481-0442 — is active, but still being tested.  (Callers can leave messages, but the “bugs” are still being worked out of who receives the notifications.)
  • The IHA Contact Page has been updated.
  • We now have a new youth contact address — Youth@IowaHolinessAssociation.org.
  • We've added in the Camp Song Evangelist information to the initial camp information blog post.

Projects still on the to-do list include:

  • Getting Steve Shafer's 2011 Camp Meeting videos posted;
  • Getting the 2011 Camp Meeting audio recordings posted on the site and as podcasts;
  • Restoring access to the sermon audio recordings from previous years.
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