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February Spiritual Weather Bureau

Isaiah Reid

Cover of Isaiah Reid's 1886 'Day By Day' spiritual almanac
  • Spiritual weather depends on spiritual health.
  • Look out for cold waves this month, but they will not hurt a heart on fire from above.
  • If you will not plough by reason of the cold, you will beg in harvest and have nothing. Prov. 20:4
  • If you start to church cold, you will probably get there in the same state; a warm fireside is essential to warm churches.
  • Three essentials to good health are healthy food, pure air and exercise. The Canaan of Perfect Love is the only climate in which these are all secured in fullness. It may be you need to emigrate. Egypt and the Wilderness are not thus blessed.

[Taken from Day by Day, The Highway Almanac and Diary for 1886,
the “almanac” (and Bible-reading plan)
published by Reid’s The Highway Office, Nevada, Iowa]

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