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On Monday evening Rev. Isaiah Reid IHA founding president talked to us about the first camp meeting.  Then Dr. Wisehart spoke from Luke chapter 16

Pastor Wisehart grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana and is a graduate of Olivet Nazarene University and Nazarene Theological Seminary. He completed post graduate work in preaching at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and was honored with a D.D. by Olivet.

The 2018 Iowa Holiness Association Camp Meeting started as always with the singing of There is a Fountain.  Dr. Wisehart brings a message from Luke Ch. 15

Dr. Lenny Wisehart became Senior Pastor at South Lake Church of the Nazarene in Crown Point, Indiana in August, 2009.  Previously he served for 17 years preaching and singing as a full time evangelist.

He pastored Nazarene congregations in Denver, Colorado; Indianapolis, Indiana and Oskaloosa, Iowa. His passions for ministry include preaching and teaching the Word, equipping the church for ministry and reaching and discipling followers of Christ.


The Friday evening service started with the Children’s group as led by the McKay’s sharing with us what they have been learning this week.  Then we paid tribute to Rev. Don and Joann Thurman and their ministries and the impact they had in the promotion of the Iowa Holiness Association during their lives. Then Rev. Hal Daigre brought a message from the book of Luke.

On Thursday evening the session started out with the youth presenting what they had been working on this week at the 2017 Iowa Holiness Association Camp Meeting this is followed by the message presented by with Rev. Hal Daigre.

This is the Thursday Bible Study session at the 2017 Iowa Holiness Association camp Meeting with Rev. Tom Lorimer.

Wednesday evening service of the 2017 Iowa holiness Association Camp Meeting with Rev. Hal Daigre.  The message if from Acts 2 titled “Be Radical”

This is the Wednesday afternoon bible study with Rev. Tom Lorimer at the 2017 Iowa Holiness Association Camp Meeting

Rev. Hal Daigre brought tonights message from Numbers 22 and is titled “Going the right direction with a wrong heart”

This is the Tuesday bible study session at the 2017 Iowa Holiness Association Camp Meeting with Rev. Tom Lorimer

Monday Evening of the 2017 Iowa Holiness Association camp Meeting the Rev. Hal Daigre brought us the message “Forgiven to forgive”

This year we are able to bring you the daily bible study sessions. This is Monday afternoon June 12, 2017 Bible Study with Rev. Tom Loimer.

The opening service of the 2017 Iowa Holiness Association Camp Meeting on Sunday June 11th  with Evangelist Rev. Hal Daigre

On Friday evening as our week of Camp Meetings came to a close the McKay’s and the children presented their program, Isaiah Reid spoke to us, our President Brady Hunter shared his “Gems of the week” and Rev. Del Rittgers brought us the evening message,

Wednesday evening Rev. Del Rittgers’ message came from 2 Corinthians.

2 Corinthians chapter 5 verse 17   “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.”

Tuesday evening our opening worship was led by Dr. Phillip Phelps.  Then our Youth brought us some music with help from the group from Kentucky Mountain Bible College.  Isaiah Reid asks the question “After you are no longer a Slave to Sin – What is Next?”  Our Evangelist Rev. Del Rittgers‘ message was from 2 Peter chapter 1 verse 3 And examine why “Being Good Isn’t Good Enough

Singing “The Comforter Abides With Me” is how the Monday evening service of the 2016 Iowa Holiness Association Camp Meeting started.  WGM’s missionary in Japan, Zach Motts led the opening prayer and our founding President Rev. Isaiah Reid was back to give us more insight as how things were in the 1800’s.  Tonight our Evangelist Rev. Del Rittgers looks to Genesis Chapter 26 verses 12-15 for more answers in a continuation of the question we looked into last night of “Why we are here?”