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April Forecasts of the Spiritual Weather

Isaiah Reid

Cover of Isaiah Reid's 1886 'Day By Day' spiritual almanac
  • The growing season is on us. Remember that “showers of grace” are in constant demand. These with the sunshine of His love and the needful plowing, harrowing and weeding culture of grace in the soul will make it bloom like Eden.
  • Growth begins nothing. We grow in not into grace. Growth is increase of that which we already have. Beware of those who put growth in place of God’s creation. 2 Cor. 2:17.
  • Look out for frosts that will kill tender plants. They are most to be looked for on mornings when the place of secret prayer, the Bible and the family altar have been neglected, or on a Monday morning after a badly spent Sabbath. Storms of anger are to be expected in all atmospheres surcharged with the “carnal mind.”

[Taken from Day by Day, The Highway Almanac and Diary for 1886,
the “almanac” (and Bible-reading plan)
published by Reid’s The Highway Office, Nevada, Iowa]

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