IHA Camp Meeting Review 2009

We enjoyed a wonderful week of Camp Meeting this past summer.  There was a sweet, sensitive spirit in our midst as the Lord truly met folks at the center of our need.  Our measure of success is not in the numbers in attendance or the offering totals, but in the interaction and response of those in attendance, and I, as the president, am very pleased with the week.

Every year provides its own set of challenges and this year was not an exception.  Earlier in the fall of 2008, Vennard College closed, so the Iowa Holiness Association, in order to continue with Camp Meeting, had to serve in positions formerly filled by Vennard College staff.  The change required more people to participate and donate their time, talent and treasure; and as a result, the week finished strong.  We thank God for His provision and mighty work in our midst.  It is truly a pleasure to do His work and preparation then to watch as He draws people to Himself throughout the week.  From the speakers to the music to the leaders of the different groups, we all gained much spiritually.  There was something for everyone this year at Camp Meeting.  The children enjoyed two meetings each day with a program titled “Centered on Jesus” while the youth met to discuss and explore what it means to “Go Forward in a Backwards World”.  Our leaders witnessed the move of God during their meetings of the week.  We are so pleased with the quality programs available for these young people.  It is evident that the kids gain much as we often see the same kids with friends the following year.  Many of the youth have already planned to be in attendance for the entire week of Camp Meeting next year.

We thoroughly enjoyed the involvement of representatives from Kentucky Mountain Bible College as they assisted with the youth meetings, provided music in the tabernacle and generally added to the whole of Camp Meeting.

The adults in the tabernacle were enlightened as to the heritage we have in the founding of America and the principles found therein which were greatly influenced by the Holiness Movement.  A return to such principle and conviction was preached throughout the week.  Please download the sermons and enjoy the messages by Dr. Stephen Flick and Rev. Jerome Van Kuiken and others.  I’m confident you will find them insightful and provoking as well as challenging and motivating.  The central focus of the week was to be a people wholly devoted to the will of God entering into the holy life by being emptied of self and full of the Holy Spirit.  Emphasis was made to consecrate our all to Him and invite Him to come and sanctify us wholly, and to keep in step with the Spirit as we live out this life of purity.

Many seekers were at the altars as the week progressed, and many young people have testified to the work of the Spirit in their hearts during the week.  It was another great Camp Meeting.  I often wonder prior to Camp Meeting how it will go only to be convinced again as the week closes, that the Lord has proven faithful and done a work in our midst.

Please consider coming and investing in your lives by participating in Camp Meeting.  My father, David Hunter, who was a strong proponent of Camp Meeting and served on the IHA Board for many years, would often say, “Come and get into Camp Meeting, because if you do Camp Meeting will get into you”.  God bless you and walk with Him every step of the way.

Brady Hunter
IHA President