Iowa Holiness Association
2009 Camp Meeting Messages

Free MP3 Files for Download and Streaming

Here is the full range of preaching and teaching from the 2009 Camp Meeting of the Iowa Holiness Association.  Feel free to download or stream messages from Dr. Stephen Flick, Rev. Jerome VanKuiken, and Brad and Kristy Weinert.

Date Speaker Message
6/14/09 Eve. Dr. Stephen Flick Men of Issachar
6/15/09 AM Dr. Stephen Flick Christian-American Heritage
6/15/09 PM Rev. Jerome VanKuiken Was Jesus Sinless?
6/15/09 Eve. Dr. Stephen Flick Like Our Idols
6/16/09 AM Dr. Stephen Flick Sharing Our Faith
6/16/09 PM Rev. Jerome VanKuiken Temptation Is Not Sin
6/16/09 Eve. Dr. Stephen Flick Which Tomb?
6/17/09 AM Dr. Stephen Flick One Can Make a Difference
6/17/09 PM Dr. Stephen Flick Victory
6/18/09 AM Brad & Kristy Weinert Life in Argentina
6/18/09 PM Dr. Stephen Flick What Is Written in the Palm of Your Hand?
6/19/09 AM Brad & Kristy Weinert Answers to Prayer
6/19/09 PM Dr. Stephen Flick No Glory, No Heart