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2020 Iowa Holiness Association Camp Meeting Final Decision

After prayerful consideration, and thoughtful discussion and deliberation, the IHA Board has with great sadness, decided to cancel IHA Camp 2020. We worked hard to weigh the priorities of the health and safety of our workers and campers alongside the value of fulfilling our purpose of providing a life-changing experience for campers through the proclamation of holiness. We determined that we could not accomplish both goals while providing a quality experience that would remotely resemble IHA Camp Meeting. The board determined the camp functions such as: the nightly tabernacle services, the fellowship following, the altar calls, daily tabernacle services, youth and children services, youth accommodations, mealtime and food service, and our prayer meetings each morning would be impossible to engage in while also implementing necessary safety precautions. This is one of the most difficult decisions the board has ever made. We realize how impactful Iowa Holiness Association Camp Meeting is for families, including our own.

We strongly encourage your participation in the Interchurch Holiness Convention, at the IHA Tabernacle, August 19-21. Visit www.IHConvention.com for more information.

We pray you may experience God in a meaningful way this summer as you continue to walk with Him.

We look forward to IHA Camp 2021!

President Brady Hunter and IHA board

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