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2020 Camp Meeting Information

LATEST UPDATE: 5/23/2020

This years camp has been canceled please read the notice and explanation in the most recent post above this one.

2020 IHA Camp Meeting Information

  • Dates: June 14-19, Starting Sunday evening June 14
  •  Place: The IHA Tabernacle on the grounds of the old Vennard College campus in University Park on the east side of Oskaloosa.
The IHA Tabernacle
  • The address of the old campus is 2300 8th Avenue East, University Park, IA 52596. (Click on the link for an interactive map, or scroll down to the bottom of this page.)
    • Follow the main driveway (an extension of Center Street) north for about a quarter mile.
    • Look for the signs

Brady Hunter IHA President

Click above to download flyer 

First Service                        Sunday, June 14, 6:30 PM

  • Regular Meeting times
    • Evening Meetings: 6:30 PM
    • Morning Prayer Meeting: 7:30 AM
    • Morning Devotionals: 10:30 AM
    • Bible Study Sessions: 2:30 PM



Our 2020 Ministry Team

  • Evangelist: Rev. Hal Daigre
  • Bible Teacher: Rev. Jim Kerwin
  • Music Minister: Rev. Rick Jones
  • Children's evangelists: Rev. Cyril McKay with Mrs. Jan McKay
  • Youth Evangelist: Tyrell & Nikki Carter Youth Minister
  • World Gospel Missionary: Gene Mattox, Papua New Guinea

Rev. Hal Daigre Evangelist

Rev. Rick Jones     Music Minister

Rev. Jim Kerwin Bible Teacher






Gene Mattox WGM Missionary Papua New Guine

Tyrell & Nikki Carter Youth Evangelist

Rev. Cyril & Jan McKay Children's Ministers








Children's Program


  • Monday-Friday
  • 10:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m
  • For children ages 6 – 12 years old

We'll have stories, activities, and games that will help our children find their value and purpose from God.

Childrens's Ministers

Rev. Cyril and Jan McKay Child Evangelists

For more information you can contact the McKays at:

641.933.4555 or email [email protected]

IHA Youth Camp 2020

This years youth Bible study and program is titled:

Will be led by:

Tyrell and Nikki Carter Youth Evangelist

Download the IHA Youth Registration Form HERE!

Save $15.00 with early registration. Beat the June 1st deadline and the fee is only $105.

Registration and check-in is from 4:00 to 5:00 PM on Sunday, June 14th at the IHA Tabernacle

IHA Youth Packing List

For more information write to: [email protected]

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