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2010 Camp Meeting Messages Available

Screenshot of the new IHA Audio Archive Menu

With Camp Meeting 2012 behind us, we're now moving into to Phase 2 of our website update project. It's time to pull in the messages from previous camp meeting years.  Because Dr. Gary Henecke will be our 2013 Camp Evangelist, Lord willing, we have started with the year 2010, when Dr. Henecke was with us previously.  You'll also find messages by Tom Dunbar, WGM missionaries Michael & Brenda Guilliams, and the first year of “moments from history” from our founder, Isaiah Reid (as portrayed by Rev. Jim Kerwin).

We've added a new item in our menu bar above — IHA Audio Archives.  Right now, the only drop-down menu item available is 2010 Camp Meeting Messagesbut this menu is where visitors will be able to access each camp meeting's messages as more years are added.

Consider this the first step in preparing for and praying for next year's camp meeting!


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